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Hassle-free church website solutions tailored simple & clear

Four out of five people go to a church website before attending a service. Let us craft an affordable, impactful website that attracts newcomers and aligns with your vision, missions, and values.

Welcome to the Porch.

Statistics you need to know

Our aim is to build a porch onto your church by crafting a website that fits your vision and brings your community through your doors.

In Acts 3, after the beggar was healed, they decided to preach the good news on Solomon’s porch. The porch was not inside the temple, but the connection of the church to the community. It was the place where commerce and life took place. We see the 21st century porch as a Church’s online presence.

Start building with us.

Quality without the price tag

We want to keep it simple. We believe every church should have a well designed website with a clear message that their community can find.

Let us create with you.

Create/Redesign Online Presence

We offer a new, custom website reflecting your church's vision, mission, and values or a refreshed site with intentional language. We prioritize keeping you current with evolving web standards and designs to ensure pleasing and clear first impressions for visitors.

Maintenance and Management

The most overlooked aspect of having a website is regular maintenance and management of the site. From software updates to daily backups and debugging, unforeseen issues can arise, highlighting the importance of a well-maintained server. We take care of that for you.

Custom Message & SEO

We're passionate about helping churches embrace their current location. Let us work together to craft your message and optimize your website's SEO for better community visibility. In other words, we help your site to be seen when people search for a church or specific ministries on Google.

Do you want talk more about what makes a healthy website?

Let’s talk geeky details!

Latest Work

Malaga Christian Center

Whether you are a church plant or have existed for years, having a clean & informative website is critical in communicating with your community. We can help make it easy for people to find you!


Creating a simple website for an outreach or special occasion doesn’t need to be expensive. Let’s find creative ways to share the message you need people to hear!

Connecting the community to the church

The place where commerce and life takes place often happens in the businesses that your congregation run. We also love coming alongside Christian Business owners to bring excellence in their work.

Let’s get talking

We want you to have a website that reflects the excellence Jesus calls us to. It should be affordable to everyone. Reach out and let’s how we can help you get started.